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The Si.Gi. Group is pleased to present an innovative lighting system with only two-wires, unique in the world and already patented. With this new system in two-wires, it is possible to program an entire light string, having the choice of the RGB colours scale and the ease of control for each LED. The great versatility of the two-wire system makes use of the potential of low-voltage and of parallel connections.
In development for several years, we presented our system of “Intelligent Light” for the first time to the great trade exhibition in Frankfurt, “Christmas World 2013”. After this, we have had some success, such as to go further and re-present our product updated the following year’s edition of “Christmas World 2014”.
Many clients in Europe, market leaders in the decorative lighting, chose our two-wire system and they gave us the right encouragement for a constant innovation. In December 2013, with our great satisfaction, a French partner wisely chose our “Intelligent Light”, using it for an artistic work to the famous international event Fête Des Lumières in Lyon. The choice of our programmable lighting system was the best possible solution, in order to better timing the operations of work. The designer’s project required a complex process of pre-installation planning, which was impossible to achieve in a short time with the DMX software or any other software on the market. On the contrary, with our simple software, it has been possible to program each single LED of the composition in a very short time and just a few days before the assemblage of the work. We programmed the LEDs one by one, so that they could switch on/off in synchronization with a music, changing colour throughout the RGB scale, having a light with different effects and much more!
The case of Lyon is only one of many ways in which our programmable system in two-wires may be used.
Thanks to our software and our programmable lighting system in two-wires, it is possible to manage separately all the LEDs of a light string, assigning to each of them (if you require) up to a maximum of 65 effects for each LED for each programming, with an almost infinite variety of colours. The whole thing is manageable via a simple and intuitive graphical user of our software. The system is so simple it does not even require a specialist course or weeks of instruction.
If you are interested, we are available to show how it is possible to have all these great potential of programming in a single system in two-wires: do not hesitate to contact us!


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