Christmas Light

 The christmas light are decorative lights used to decorate streets and monuments during the holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, town festivals, etc... The history of the illuminations, called “parazioni”, started a long time ago. It comes from the coexistence between the sacred and the profane, between Christianity and paganism. Everything that we can find in the patronal feasts; every town (at least, in Italy) has its own Patron Saint, which is celebrated and respected by all citizens. Although each festival preserves its peculiarities, each town has a feature that unifies these rites: the luminaries. The term comes from the Latin “lumen”, which it literally means “object that diffuses light”, but in a broader sense it can indicate the festival of lights. Wooden poles, wires, ladders, lamps are essential to “create the festival”. The decorators constantly repeat the same movements: they work hard, changing the spaces with their eyes. Then, when the night comes... heads up... an exclamation of astonishment…

The Si.Gi. Group designs its illuminations, taking care of every detail, from aesthetics to functionality. In addition to creativity, the strength of the group is, without any doubt, the great sense of innovation. For several years, the company uses LED technology, a component very suitable for the winter external lighting, both for the excellent durability and for the low power consumption.

Si.Gi. Group designs and manufactures:

Intelligent Light
LED Christmas lights
Christmas trees
Traditional Christmas lights
Town festivals lights

Illuminations for shopping malls, shops, buildings, streets, squares, churches...
Thanks to a professional staff, the company carries out the installation of the lights and provides technical support for the entire period of the lease.

Si.Gi. installs scenic projectors of different sizes, for the projection of Christmas images, advertising, logos, colours, lighting effects on any kind of surface.


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