The Si.Gi. Group thanks to its experience in the lighting industry and in electrical plant engineering, is able to provide its customers:

-An innovative cemeterial lighting system (votive lamps), based on solid-state lamp low voltage, lighting which allows energy savings of up to 90% and that can be installed on existing systems.


The votive lamps are innovative electronic products with extremely low consumption (max 0.5 Watt), but with high luminous efficacy with prolonged duration of more than 10 years, therefore routine and periodic maintenance to replace burnt-out bulbs is no longer necessary

The new LED lamps operate in a voltage range that goes from 10Vac up to a max of 48Vac.

The main technical features that characterize and make these lamps the elite of lighting are:

High luminous efficacy (up to 7 Led by 15 candles each).

Low power consumption (daily consumption 8 W/h with 24V, compared to 72W/h of incandescent lamp).

Zero maintenance costs (lasting more than 10 years).

System installation using E14.

Double protection from the wheater (in the version with IP65).

Unaffected by voltage fluctuations.

High shock resistance.

The payback priod is 7 to 8 months.


The number of LED lamps rangers from one to a maximum of seven.

- Ceiling light, mounted on cantilever roofs and / or tunnels

- Street furniture, parking lots, parks and gardens

- Streetlights, yards and parking


What is a Led?

LED is an acronym for Light-Emitting Diode. A LED is a special type of diode, consisting of a thin layer of semiconductor material. When subjected to a direct voltage, to reduce the potential barrier of the junction, the electrons of the conduction band of the semiconductor will recombine with holes in the valence band, releasing enough energy to produce photons. Due to the reduced thickness of the chip, a reasonable number of these photons can be emitted as light. The exact choice of the semiconductor determines the wavelength of peak emission of the photons, the efficiency in electro-optical conversion and, then, light intensity output.


What are the advantages?

* Energy saving

* Average life 60,000 hours

* No Maintenance

* Quick lighting, no flickering

* LEDs can very easily be dimmed lowering the forward current (for example during the night)

* Reducing to the minimum carbon emission and light pollution (LEDs do not produce ultraviolet and infrared rays)

* Excellent performance at any temperature

* High colour rendering: white light is very bright

* No disposal problem, as they contain non-polluting materials.

Consumption is lower than the streetlights with mercury vapour lamps and it is lower than the most recent solutions to high-pressure sodium vapour (to a constant lighting, energy savings is up to 50%).

The Si.Gi. Group provides illumination (using LED technology) to public organizations, companies and individuals, and it provides also photovoltaic systems guaranteeing:

- Personalized service for every need

- Free advice, by giving the client the best solution

- Design, keys in hand

- Assembling

- Maintenance, management of systems

- Agreement with financial groups