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LED streetlights

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Electricity savings and higher light quality. The LED lamps “diffused-light” consume between 50 and 75% energy less than the best existing products. They have a long life: over 50 thousand hours of continuous power, equal to at least 4 times the life of the best technology, drastically reducing the impact on maintenance costs compared to traditional lamps (at least 15/18 years of continuous use). The LED lights do not produce ultraviolet and infrared rays, and, unlike other lighting technologies, have no disposal problems because they do not contain polluting materials, such as mercury and metal halide.

The comparison between a streetlight LED and a streetlight high-pressure sodium lamp shows an almost similar lumen (105 lumens / watt with LEDs and 135 lm / w with HPS lamp), but on the other hand a whole long number of advantages in favour of LED technology. First of all, the consumption of electrical energy, which is almost a third lower for the LED lamp (110 W / h compared to 300 W / h for the 250 watt HPS lamp). An important aspect is related to the life of the lamp: the LED streetlight has a life of about 50 000 and 100 000 hours, compared to 12 000 hours of a HPS lamp. Secondly, the on/off time for LEDs is instantaneous, while it takes up to 5 minutes for HPS lamp, for reaching the maximum light intensity. Furthermore, the rate of fall of the luminous flux after 3000 hours is zero with LEDs (actually increased slightly in the first 5000 hours), while a HPS lamp after 3000 hours of working has a drop of luminous flux up to 40 %. It happens also with the CRI: the decrease with LEDs is absent, the colours are always the same; with HPS lamps, after 3000 hours of working, comes to more than 50 %.

Another important feature, which explains the higher quality of LEDs light, is the colour rendering: a LED streetlight has a Colour Rendering Index of 96 % (an almost “pure light”). Instead, the HPS lamps has a maximum CRI of 60 % (generally, it is said: “It’s yellow!”). 



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